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I am working with people who all voted yes on eight. Is anyone hiring? I have to get out of this place.
I think San Francisco is where i am meant to be.

You Tube on Palin's Side?

Youtube removed this video for having "objectionable content". The video is a
mini-documentary about Sarah Palin's church. I have to warn you, the editing is pretty terrible,
but there are some great clips showing how out there her church really is. Although, I guess
for much of the US, speaking in tongues and fighting holy wars isn't really that strange.

Food Officially Defended

I just finished reading "In Defense Of Food" by Michael Pollan, my favorite writer. The book
has renewed my determination to eat more fresh, local food and stop eating anything that
comes in a package. To help keep up my motivation, I am going to start logging my more
successful meals. Here's what I've eaten so far this weekend:

Saturday Breakfast:
Locally made lemon/basil popsicle*
Bruschetta with creme fraiche*, heirloom tomatoes*, garlic and olive oil on slices of a French
style baguette*

Saturday Snacks:
Veggie dip with sour cream*, fresh dill*, and salt
Carrot* and lemon cucumber* slices
Chocolate bread* with marscapone* and a sauce I made with fresh raspberries*
Pesto cheese curds*

Saturday Dinner:
Spiral Pasta with Chanterelles* cooked with butter* and olive oil

Sunday Breakfast:
Eggs with goat cheese*
Pancakes with marscapone* and homemade raspberry*/blackberry* syrup

* All locally made/grown with no pesticides.

I feel really good about our meals this weekend, because not only were they much healthier
than our usual fair, but also because they had a smaller impact on the environment and
supported local farmers and dairies. It is my goal to eat this way 90% of the time. Unfortunately,
I hate cooking for just myself, so I don't know what I will do in San Francisco. Maybe you all
will have to take turns eating my cooking.
Dear San Francisco, I love you. Sincerely, Heather
Our internet is down, and i have an ingrown fingernail. Lame.


Polaroid is no longer making polaroid instant film. Fuck. I love Polaroids.


Margaret Cho Day?

I just saw the commercial for Margaret Cho's new show. In it, they show Gavin declaring
a certain date (they didn't say which) Margaret Cho day in San Francisco. Did anyone
here about this at the time? I adore Margaret Cho, but is she actually from San Francisco?

And what will we do to celebrate Margaret Cho day? I'm thinking it will involve frolicking
with drag queens while wearing skin tight leather outfits. Sounds pretty fun.

Oh, I guess she is. That makes sense. All of the true San Francisco locals
I have met have been pretty darn awesome.